Josh McMillan is a software engineer based in London, UK.

Right, that's enough of the third person. Pleasure to meet you, I'm Josh.

I make software (websites, apps, prototypes, backend stuff to keep businesses afloat, infrastructure, etc) for startups, established companies, governments, and just about everyone in between. I do so using whatever's the right tool for the job – Ruby or Scala, Kotlin or Swift, AWS or Heroku – you get the idea.

In addition to just writing code, I've got a bunch of experience leading teams and helping define and ship products. Software engineering in isolation never works, and working on a product from definition to execution is something I really enjoy (and hopefully am fairly good at).

I've been doing this for a long time, and it seems customary for people to list who they've worked with on their websites, so here's a brief list of folks I've helped out the past:

Looper, Thinko, GoodDollar, Daisie, Deliveroo, Wonderbly, Bricklane, Government Digital Service, Beano, BBC, Facebook, Unilever, Nike, Sony PlayStation, Diageo, and many, many more.

Right now I'm not looking for work – I'm fully booked up for at least the next month. That being said, if you fancy a chat feel free to drop me an email or send me a DM on Twitter*.

* No recruiters. Ever. Don't make me increase the font size of this message. Please.